Google Plus For Marketing

Google Plus For Marketing

google-Plus-iconGoogle Plus for Marketing:

Google Plus has become very popular and is now second only to Facebook in popularity.  It is time to consider marketing your site on Google Plus. 

What people search for while logged into Google is now connected via Google+. This affects how your site will show up in Google.  It also affects what their ‘friends’ will see in Google searches.  There are millions of Gmail, Android phone and YouTube users, and Google Plus now connects all of them.

Google+ isn’t just limited to social network interactions, you can also leave reviews about businesses.  This affects how your well your website will show up in Google’s search engine (SEO).  As more and more people become members of Google+, their recommendations will affect what your clients see when they search on the Internet.   It has been explained this way.  “Google+ is like a ‘social spine’ or ‘identity spine’ across Google,” says Marvin Chow, Google+ global marketing director. “Having a Google+ page will be the foundation of a lot of things on Google. It’s a safe bet to say, ‘Invest now and it will pay off later.’”

If you have not already done so, now is the time to sign up for Google+.

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