Advertising on Craigslist


Advertising on Craigslist can be profitable if you do your research and follow the rules Craigslist has for posting on their website. Advertising, for most products and services, on Craigslist costs only a few dollars, which makes it cost effective.

Additionally, Craigslist receives extensive traffic with approximately ten million visitors generating four billion page views each month so there is no need to drive traffic to the website. While they offers many advertising benefits, these benefits may be wasted if the advertiser does not do research or evaluate the competition.

Research needs to be done so you know where to post your ad to most effectively reach your target audience. Take care in how you word the copy of your ad to make it appealing to your target audience and use relevant keywords in your copy to make it likely for your target audience to find the advertisement easily when searching for products and services offered by your company.

The search feature on Craigslist is an excellent way to evaluate the competition. Studying the competition is important because it can help you to learn how you can be more successful. Increased success can be the result of determining successful aspects of a competitor’s marketing strategy and implementing these strategies. As well, determine faulty aspects of the competitor’s marketing strategy and avoid these strategies.

To see competitors who are advertising on Craigslist, use the search feature to search for keywords relevant to your own products and services. You will likely receive search results including advertisements from competitors. Carefully analyze these advertisements to determine how you can create better products and services at more affordable prices and also write more engaging advertising copy.

Before posting on Craigslist make sure you read the rules here: Most importantly do not post too often and do not post the same ad repeatedly. Contact us if you need help with your Craigslist postings.

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