In Store Facebook Marketing

facebook-storeIn Store Facebook Marketing:

Many people use their smartphone while in a store to research product they are looking at. If you have a physical store this gives you an excellent opportunity to promote your Facebook page with in store Facebook marketing. Here are two ideas you can use to get more Likes from people in your store:

  1. Display a sign giving customers the URL of your Facebook page, rather than just a sign saying “Like Us on Facebook”. Offer a discount or some other benefit to Facebook fans. Your sign should give people value for Liking your page.
  2. Use Facebook Offers. Facebook Offers is a free, easy feature that lets you create and share discounts with Facebook fans using the Ads Create tool.  Explore other business Facebook apps for more ways to offer discounts to your loyal customers that use Facebook
  3. Many stores using Facebook not just to create awareness but also to convert people at multiple stages of their purchase journey, right down to the final purchase in-store. Facebook’s creative ad formats like carousels etc. help stores  connect to customers in a unique and impactful manner. Facebook helps stores reach the right set of target audience covering demographic interest & behavior segments.

Start using in store Facebook marketing today. Just about everyone carries a smartphone while shopping, so go beyond driving people to your store. Think of fun ways to get people to post pictures, scan QR codes, and more. By enhancing the in-store mobile experience, you can earn goodwill, loyalty and inexpensive word of mouth exposure.

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