Your Customers are the Most Valuable Asset Your Business Has

Your Customers are the Most Valuable Asset Your Business Has

customersWhat is the most valuable asset your business has?

Most people would say:

  • Our website
  • My computer
  • The office
  • My files
  • Our books

All of these things can be taken away from you.  BUT they can also be replaced.

There is one asset that is so valuable it can help any business recover from a disaster or loss.  It is the core to your business, but most people don’t think of it this way.  What is this asset?

Your customers or clients, and your potential customers or clients!

Customers or clients are often referred to by marketers as “The List”.  Some marketers go so far as to put their “list” in a safety deposit box, as a constant reminder that the list IS the heart of their business.

Today with the rising cost of postage, your most valuable assess is your email list.  If you use your email list correctly it can be the most profitable asset your business has.

Most people do not buy the first time they visit your store or your website.  By collecting their email address when they visit your website the first time, you will have the opportunity to sell to them in the future.

You can send out the worst email ever written, with horrible grammar and spelling errors, and you will still make more sales than if you send nothing at all.

When you put your “Sign Up For Our Newsletter” button on your website, be sure to give the visitor a good reason to sign up, such as a free download, video, survey, etc.

This is a fact of today’s business life.  Start building your email list today.  It will bring you more sales.  Here at Treasure Web Designs, we can help you start building your email list.  Contact us today!


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