The benefits of adding videos to your website

affordable website designAdding Videos to Your Website!

Most internet users watch videos online.  This makes the use of video one of the best methods to attract people to your website and is an excellent way to increase your website’s popularity.  Adding a videos to your website will make it a dynamic website that will attract more visitors and keep them coming back.

Having videos on your website will increase your trust and credibility, and it will make your website more memorable.  It gives you a personal connection to your customers.  When visitors to your website can “see” you, they will trust you more.

Websites are no longer static brochure sites. Successful businesses are using their website to create compelling experiences around their brand. Marketers are looking for ways to build a relationship with their visitors because they know that those connections increase the number of loyal customers in the future.

Website with videos on their main page can stimulate SEO (search engine optimization) to rank better in Google. Websites with embedded video have an increased chance of being featured on the front page listing of Google.

No matter what a brand’s mission, video on a website supplements visitors’ experiences and builds those connections.

The types of videos you can use on your website include:

  • A virtual tour that shows your visitors what your brick and mortar store is like.
  • A marketing video that explains who you are and what you have to offer.
  • A tour of your website so the visitor knows where to go on your website and why.
  • A marketing video that explains who you are and what you have to offer is the most common.

Creating video is easier than you think.  You don’t even need a video camera!   Most cellphones have the ability to capture excellent video.

Tips to make your video a success:

  1. Add value:  Your video should both entertain viewers and help them do something better. Tutorials and demos make great videos. Create educational videos that provide visitors with in-depth information related to your industry.
  2. SEO:  Use your keywords when titling and tagging your videos.
  3. Keep it short, no longer than 5 to 10 minutes. Break long videos up into smaller clips and release a new segment daily or weekly. If you’re creating a series, hint at the contents of the next video to draw viewers back.
  4. Edit:  There are many excellent choices of software that you can use to edit your video so that it has a professional look.
  5. Share:  Use You Tube and other video sharing sites to increase links back to your main website.
  6. Be yourself and have fun! 

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