How to Get Your Website Visitors to Buy

ProgressHow to Get Your Website Visitors to Buy:

When website visitors come to your website it takes, on average, 20 to 40 seconds for them to decide if they are going to stay or leave!  The first thing they see when they come to your website is very important.

The look of your website can make your website visitors stay on your website or leave.  It’s important to have a good, professional looking website.

The catch phrase that you have in your header is important.  Make sure the text you have in your header or at the top of your website is eye-catching, and entice visitors to find out more by exploring your website.

Navigation is also important.  If website visitors cannot find where to go next on your website, they will leave.

Most important is the text content on your website. Be sure to clearly state why the visitor has come to your website, then give the visitor simple, clear instructions of what to do next.

Give the visitor good reasons why they should explore your website, and why they should give you their email address.  Ask them to sign up for your newsletter.  Even if they leave, you will still be able to engage them again with an email.

Create credibility with testimonials, and if possible, include a small picture of the person giving the testimonial to give it more credibility.

Make yourself the expert to come to by having an information blog and publishing articles.  Don’t forget to put a link to your articles on your website.

Google not only tracks how many people come to your website, but also tracks how long they stay on your website.  This is called “bounce rate”.  If people are not staying on your website, your website’s listing on Google will steadily drop.

If your bounce rate is high, you are also losing out on potential buyers.  Make sure your website is doing its job by turning website visitors into buyers!

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