How To Write Great Content For Your Website

How To Write Great Content For Your Website

How to write great content for your website.

Content is the most important part of any website. Some website owners make the mistake of putting all their efforts into designing a great looking site, and forget to write great content.  Compelling, persuasive content sells products.

Emotional Appeal  

Understand your target customer’s emotional needs and let them know how you can solve their problems. Content that appeals to emotions sells products. People buy products because of how they imagine the product will make them look or feel, so compelling content stresses the benefit of a product, not the product’s features. Content should also answer the readers’ potential questions and overcome possible objections. Do not give your visitors a reason to leave your site to get answers to their questions.


People buy from websites and blogs where they can identify with the author. Address your readers directly.  Tell your visitors your name, post a photo, and let them know why you are an expert in your industry. For example, if you’re selling weight loss products, let your readers know how many different products you’ve tried before and how this product is the only one that worked for you. People will identify with your struggle to lose weight and understand when you say you want to help them lose weight too.

Calls to Action  

Do not forget to tell your website visitors what to do next. Don’t just tell them to buy, make your call to action meaningful. Instead of saying, “buy now “ try “start losing weight today”. Keep repeating the key benefit of your product in the content and in the calls to action to appeal to your reader’s emotions.

Easy To Read Content

While you want your content to be informative; a page of text, with no paragraph breaks or headers will turn people off. Online readers like to skim.  Break up your content into manageable chunks that will not overwhelm visitors.

Powerful Headlines

Powerful headlines also encourage readers. “You” is the most powerful word, followed by words that stress benefits and reassure. For example, “You can lose weight with this proven system”.  Losing weight is the benefit, and proven reassures the reader that this weight loss product has worked before.

Keep Them Coming Back For More

Update your content on a regular schedule to entice website visitors to keep coming back. Offer a newsletter and give people a reason to subscribe such as offering a free whitepaper or e-book to newsletter subscribers.

By combining useful, informative content that appeals to visitors’ emotions with strong calls to action, you will find more visitors turn into customers.

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