How To Make Your Website Work For Your Business!

websiteIs You Website Doing it’s Job?

If you have a website that just isn’t working for your business, it’s time to rethink your website design. A website that works motivates visitors to make a purchase online, visit your retail location, sign up for a newsletter or contact your business to set up an appointment for your service.

At Treasure Web Designs, we create websites that work. We start with your home page, making sure there is new, relevant content that catches a visitor’s attention. Your business has less than 15 seconds to entice a visitor to stay on the page.  We ensure visitors see a professional-looking home page that immediately lets them know how your product or service will benefit them. We also make sure your website is responsive so that it looks and functions well on all devices.

Website Design:

We make your website and your business look professional to potential customers. At Treasure Web Designs, we know people viewing your site will feel more secure making a purchase when they see your business address, phone number and email address or contact form. We also encourage you to include customer testimonials with pictures or videos if possible. Every business that has a physical location should have the address with a map or directions on their site to encourage customers to shop in person. For mobile phone users, the business location and hours should be prominent.

Your website needs to make it simple for shoppers to make a purchase. This includes having detailed product descriptions, highlighting special offers, and confirming to customers that your business will protect their personal information.

Business owners should understand that having a professional-looking site does not guarantee sales. If no one finds the site, the design is worthless. At Treasure Web Designs, we don’t stop once your site looks great.  We also make sure potential customers will find your website. This includes creating content that entices both visitors and search engines. The content of your site should motivate your visitors to want more, so they will bookmark your website and return often. Treasure Web Designs also understands the importance of social media to drive traffic to your site and create interest in your brand.

Let Treasure Web Designs create a professional-looking website that works for both your business and your customers. You will be amazed at the difference a professional site makes in converting visitors into buyers!

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