How is Your Business Coping with Covid-19?

covid-19How is Your Business Coping with Covid-19?

What a time we are living in! What is taking place now will be in the history books. Covid-19 is having a great impact on most businesses.  How our businesses survive and change will all depend on how we change to copy with Covid-19.  Some business will survive, others will go out of business and still others will flourish.

Here are some tips to help your business survive and maybe even flourish:

  1. Take the time to revamp your website.  What better time to update and polish up your online presence.
  2. Offer new services or products on your website.  Turn your website into an eCommerce website.
  3. Connect with your clients and customers.  Offer to help them with their businesses.
  4. Be creative. How can you change your website to be more online?  I recently updated a restaurant’s website to accept online orders and they are now offering pickup and delivery.  This is all new to them, but they will likely be one of the ones to survive.  Their business will likely change for the better with the new services they are offering, and will continue to offer after this is all over. What can you do to grow and change your business for the better?

No matter what, take care of yourself and your family.  Here are somethings you can do to make sure you stay healthy and beat the anxiety and boredom.

  • Cook or bake using recipes you have been storing for when you have time.
  • Dust off those books you have been intending to read for years.
  • Watch or watch again those movies collecting dust, or newly released movies on the internet that are there because the theaters are closed.
  • Phone, email, skype or use an app to chat with old and current friends, relatives, neighbours and clients.
  • Send jokes, funny videos or interesting information to people you know.
  • Play games or teach children how to count, to understand time on a clock, money denominations; weights and measures; mathematics; be amazed by science magic, learn magic tricks or help with schoolwork. Read to your children. Hug your children. Encourage and tell them how unique and special they are. Delight in learning from your children and seeing the world fresh and new again through their eyes.
  • Dance, sing.
  • Exercise. The gyms are closed, but YouTube has exercise videos for stretching, isometrics, even developing “six pack” abs with no exercise equipment. You may not be there now, but consistent exercise today brings you closer than yesterday.
  • Begin a program of learning or self-improvement. Knowledge may be power, but action with that knowledge is greater power. First you need to be motivated to start. Write a list of powerful reasons why you want the “prize” and the benefits once you get it. This will be your engine to keep you going. Many people have trouble practicing the healthy habits they want because their lives are too busy. Well, if you are not working now, or self-isolated, now is the best time to act to make your own good luck.
  • Have a calm, peaceful, clear mind. Practice deep breathing, yoga, or meditation.
  • What makes you feel good? Be kind to yourself. Do it now.

If you keep yourself healthy and relaxed, you can focus on your business, friends and family.  If you need help to update your website or to create a new website, contact us.  We can help.

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