How to Improve Your Website’s Credibility

credibilityTrust is very important. If your customers trust you, they will purchase from you again and again. Your website’s credibility is an important tool to create credibility for your potential and current customers. When a new potential customer arrives at your website, what will convince them to buy from you? What shows them that they can trust you with their credit card, their personal information and that you will deliver what is promised.

Here are five ways to show your website visitors that you can be trusted.

  1. A well designed professional website. If your website looks like your cousin built it, people are less likely to trust you. A well designed, professional website will make you look like a professional and a well-established company.
  2. Consider a SSL Certificate. A SSL certificate is required if you collect credit card information on your website. More and more website owners are purchasing a SSL certificate for their websites even if they do not collect credit card information on the site. An SSL Certificate turns the HTTP of your address to HTTPS. It shows people that your website is secure and any information they provide in forms, etc. is also secure. If your website has a membership area or if it is a WordPress website that only you log into, the SSL certificate will also help keep your website free of malware and viruses.  Google ranks websites with a SSL Certificate higher than ones that do not have one.
  3. Customer reviews and testimonials. Reviews and testimonials also give your website credibility, especially if you have testimonials from repeat customers. If shows people what your customers liked you so much that they purchased from you more than once.
  4. Contact information. Provide contact information so people can easily contact you. An address, phone and email address posted clearly on your website will show your visitors that you can easily be reached should they need you.
  5. Privacy statement and terms of use. Clearly post your privacy statement so people know that you will keep their private information safe. Terms of use is also important so people know what to expect from you in terms of refunds, support, and other important information about how your business works.

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