Mobile Marking

mobile marketingMobile Marking is important. Mobile devices have changed the way we live our lives. It is no longer a luxury; they are now a necessity. Our smartphones help us to communicate, work and buy goods on-the-go. And thus, the mobile market can no longer be overlooked.

Your website MUST be mobile friendly. A mobile friendly website is a “responsive” website. You will hear the term “mobile optimization”, this simply means that your responsive website is optimized to work well on mobile devices. Traditional websites do not work well on cell phones and tablets. Mobile devices have smaller screen sizes so traditional websites which are designed for desktop computers, will either require lots of scrolling or will be squashed and unreadable. It is not acceptable to have a mobile version and a desktop version of your website, because Google will penalize you for having duplicate content.

Your Website should use smaller files sizes, less video and limited flash so your website will load quickly on smaller devices. Forms should be short and easy to fallout on small devices. If you have a shopping cart on your website with a long check out form, you will have high cart abandonment and poor conversions.

Make sure your ads are mobile friendly. Use Google display networks to serve your mobile display ads to mobile devices. For them to be effective and work as hard as possible for your money, apply mobile design practices by using small simple images and large and easy to click buttons. Keep text to a minimum as large amounts of text can be hard to read on a smaller screen.

Display advertising for mobile opens lots of targeting opportunities, meaning you can be very specific about who you want your ads to show to, including restricting display to specific locations.

Many people read their emails on their phones, so make sure your emails are easy to read on mobile devices. Use large, clickable buttons, concise text, and compelling, compressed images. A responsive design will ensure that no matter the device, your email displays correctly and fits the screen.

People also check their Social media accounts on their phones and tablets. Facebook offers easy ways to market to potential customers. One of the great things about Facebook is the range of targeting options available, as well as a wide choice of ad formats. If you need help getting your mobile marketing going, contact Treasure Web Designs.

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