Tips to Ensure Your Visitors Stay on Your Website

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Make Sure Your Visitors Stay on Your Website. You invest time and money to attract visitors and potential customers to your website. However, on average, many websites lose 50% of potential sales because Internet users can’t find the information they are looking for. Here are some important tips to make sure you don’t lose customers: … Read more

Mobile Marking

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Mobile Marking is important. Mobile devices have changed the way we live our lives. It is no longer a luxury; they are now a necessity. Our smartphones help us to communicate, work and buy goods on-the-go. And thus, the mobile market can no longer be overlooked. Your website MUST be mobile friendly. A mobile friendly … Read more

Use Screenfly to See How Your Website Looks on All Devices


Screenfly! Use Screenfly to See How Your Website Looks on All Devices: Screenfly is an excellent tool to see how your website looks on different devices.  I have mentioned many times how important it is for your website to be responsive or mobile friendly. Once you have a great responsive website you may wish to … Read more

Optimize Your Website for Local Search on Mobile Devices

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Optimize Your Website for Local Search on Mobile Devices. Use of mobile devices has overtaken PCs for local search. More people are using their smartphones and tablets for online searches and purchasing. Is your website mobile ready? Visitors will not go through pages of search results on mobile devices, so you need to be on page … Read more

Affordable Responsive Website Design

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Affordable Responsive Website Design on YouTube: Watch our new video to find out why your website should be responsive.  A responsive website is a mobile friendly website.  Treasure Web designs offers affordable responsive website design.  A responsive website is much better than a mobile version of your website, because you will not get penalized by search … Read more

Six Ways to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

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How to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment: Why do people start to buy and then change their minds? Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems with online sales. Here are six ways to help you avoid shopping cart abandonment on your website: Keep it simple. Test out your shopping cart yourself. Does your customer … Read more

Infographics and How to Use Them

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What are Infographics? An infographic is an image that gives information about a subject in an easy to understand way. Usually the infographic has text, but it doesn’t have to include it. This is a great way to easily explain something in point form that the user will find interesting and easy to understand. To … Read more