PushBullet – A New App to Try


PushBullet links your phone to your computer. If your phone isn’t nearby you can set it so your notifications automatically pop up on your computer screen. It also allows you to send “push” notifications to yourself and friends. It is the easiest and fastest way to send almost everything to your phone including links, pictures, files, notes, maps and much more. No more searching in your email and Dropbox folders. If you have something you want to remember, simply “push” it and it will be saved to your phone or computer.

This app has been gradually getting more SMS-related features over time, but now it’s finally getting the big one. The app can now show you all your conversation threads, which means it could effectively replace a dedicated desktop SMS app.

After you sign in to the app using either Facebook or Google, it shows you a list of all other contacts who are also using Pushbullet. You can then message them directly using either the Pushbullet app on your phone, or the Pushbullet app for Windows, Mac or even the Pushbullet website. It can read the notifications that come to your phone, and show them to you on the desktop, so you can leave your phone in your bag without missing out on anything important while you are working on your desktop.

Getting something from your computer onto your phone or Tablet can be difficult. This app makes it easy and fast—even if your Tablet is at home and you’re at work. You can “push” links, pictures, checklists, files, addresses, notes and reminders to your phone from your computer or share with friends and family.

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