Which Social Media Networks Should You Use?

social-media-01Which Social Media Networks Should You Use?

Social media is an important part of SEO for websites. However, that does not mean you have to use every social media network there is. Take a close look at the most popular social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. They each offer different ways to connect with friends, colleagues, clients and potential clients. Choose one or two that you feel would work best for your business.

It is better to choose one or two social media networks and do them well, than to do them all poorly. Once you have chosen the ones you want to use, learn all you can about how to use them well. Learn how to set them up, how to post, what to post, how to make changes, and how to use the special features of that social media network.

Most importantly, keep up with it. You may not have time to update four or five social media accounts, but update the one or two you choose. Update your social media accounts every day or at least once a week. Make updating your social media accounts a priority and make an appointment with yourself to update regularly. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, assign someone in your office to look after it. Delegate!

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