Recognizing Your Target Market

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Recognizing Your Target Market:

Achieving good sales is the ultimate goal of any firm. Your efforts will be wasted if the correct audience is not targeted. You need to recognize who your target market is.

You should understand who the people are you want to target. Success lies in understanding this, which requires thorough research and analysis. Various factors must be considered. The age group is the first factor, whether the product will be useful to babies or children, or teenagers or youngsters or middle aged or seniors. Sometimes the product will cater to the needs of all age groups. The next thing to consider is gender. Marital status, occupation, ethnic background, health status, income status, education, hobbies, etc. are some of the factors that should also be considered.

After deciding on the customer group to be targeted, note the benefits that can be provided by the product to this group. A thorough examination of the service or product should be done. If there is sufficient time, a survey can be conducted on current customers.  Ask them with questions like what they liked in the products they are using, and if there are any improvements in the product better they would like to see.

List all the benefits which will help the targeted audience. Then make a shortlist of the benefits for your marketing department, to help in your marketing plan and boost sales.

The Internet has made reaching out to targeted customers very easy. Search engines can be utilized to the maximum extent for this purpose. Searches can be typed as a keyword or search phrase in the search engines and the results on the first three pages will be most valuable. Much time and investment is involved in this process, as different keywords will get different search results.

Reach out to your market with newsletters and ezines

Many ezines are related to marketing, finance, shopping, etc. A number of ezines websites can be found in an ezines directory, which contains the contact information and advertising prices. The list of ezines website sites should be reduced to those which relate to the target market and ads should be placed in the ones which include the product advantages, if the ad allows that many words.

Recognizing the target market is crucial to any successful advertising and sales campaign. Once recognized, it can be reached through different channels such as websites, newspapers, and magazines. This makes the customer feel that he is being directly addressed. Since this approach will interest them, the amount of traffic received in return will be overwhelming and the effort worth it.

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