Subtle Email Marketing

email-marketingSubtle Email Marketing:

Everyday Internet users receive a lot of emails telling them to buy certain products or visit certain websites. These types of emails arrive in your inbox every day.  However, most people pay very little attention to them, because they are blatant advertisements and are often viewed as spam. Most Internet users have very little tolerance for spam. Your Email marketing should be kept subtle so it is not viewed as spam.

One of the most important things you can do to ensuring your email marketing is subtle, is to provide something of quality to the recipients. This may include insightful articles, interesting quizzes or other useful facts which members of the target audience are likely to find helpful.  Your emails should offer them something useful, such as knowledge or information about a particular niche subject. When email recipients realize an email they received is offering them something worthwhile, they are much more likely to spend some time reviewing the email and they won’t consider it to be spam.  They may even share your email with others.

Avoiding using language which makes outrageous claims can also help to keep advertising subtle.  When running an email marketing campaign, send your email only to those who are likely to be interested in your products and services.

Finally, business owners can help to ensure their email marketing efforts are not viewed as blatant advertisements by keeping reference to their own websites to a minimum.  Links to your website should only be included to provide an opportunity to learn more about the products, and not as a way to encourage purchasing these products.  If you need help with your email marketing, contact us.

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