Press Release: Five Tips for Creating an Effective Press Release

effective press releaseFollow These Five Tips for Creating an Effective Press Release:

1. Write a Catchy Headline.

When creating an effective press release, your headline or title needs to be catchy.  Many people will just scan the headlines looking for something that interests them.  So, you need to grab their attention to encourage them to want to read more.  A catchy headline should speak to the readers emotions. Make them laugh, cry, or peak their interest.

2.  Create a News Angle

Your press release needs to offer value. Your press release will be picked up if your story provides useful, newsworthy information for the reader. Ask yourself these questions:
– How will it affect readers’ lives?
– Why should they care?
– What makes your press release real news?

3.  Get to the Point

No one has time to read a long and wordy press release. Get to the point. Deliver your news in a news release that is about 400 to 500 words, concentrating on your key message.

4.  Pay Attention to Detail

Proof reading your press release is very important. Have someone else proof read it before sending it out. Make sure names are spelled correctly, facts are checked and grammar and punctuation are correct. Even small slip-ups will cause your press release to lose credibility.

5.  Leave Them Wanting More

A well written press release should prompt the reader to follow up with you for more information. Include your contact information in your news release and promptly follow up when someone contacts you.

Follow the above tips when creating your effective press release to establish your brand as a credible source of information. It’s a great way to get your news in front of the people who matter most: your prospects and customers.  Need help?  Contact us  for help with your news release.

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