Three Ways to Get New Customers

Three Ways to Get New Customers

customersThree Ways to Get New Customers:

Your customers are bombarded every day with companies wanting their business.  They get their message to their clients through advertising.  This type of communication is called “outbound” marketing.  Outbound or push marketing is everywhere.

If you use “inbound” marketing, you will stand out because it is different.  Inbound marketing means creating compelling, valuable information or content that will motivate your customers to come to you.  This content can be on your website, blog posts, emails, Facebook, Twitter, articles, etc.  This content is what keeps your customers coming back.

Here are three ways to boost your inbound marketing for more customers:

  1. CALL TO ACTION:  Be sure to let your customers know what you want them to do.  A call to action will encourage them to sign up for your newsletter, like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, ask for a quote, etc. Ask them to recommend your product or service to others.
  2. CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT: If your content is valuable and informative it will set you up as the expert to come to when your customer needs assistance.  Keep it light and friendly.  You want to be human and caring.  Valuable information can become viral. If you have a blog post often to your blog to create new content.
  3. PICTURES AND VIDEO:  Use of images and videos make your content more sharable.  A picture of you will make your company more human.  Video can be shared through You Tube and social media.  Use of pictures and video will make you standout in the crowd. Post pictures of your employee on your website. If you have testimonials on your website post your client’s picture with this testimonial to give the testimonial more weight.

Put the above into action to get more customers.  If you need help creating GREAT content, we can help.  Contact us for a free quote!


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