Five Tips on Keeping Your Blog Active

blogKeeping Your Blog Active:

It is important to keep your blog active. Creating engaging, informative blog posts from scratch can be difficult and time-consuming.  Don’t let your blog fail by not updating it often.  Here are four types of posts that are easy to create and will give you good, useful content.

  1. Lists:  Visitors like posts that are quick and easy to read.  Create posts using bullets or numbers to highlight the key points and get your message across quickly.
  2. Current Events:  Relate your posts to current topics and add the message related to your brand. This is an excellent way to engage readers. Since the news is always changing, this gives you an endless supply of potential content.
  3. Guest Posts:  Your visitors value expert opinions and insight. Invite other bloggers to guest blog for you.  Feature guest posts from other people in your office, or even your own clients. Make sure the guest posts meet your standards.  Establish upfront if there is any compensation given to the guest poster in the form of advertising or funds.
  4. Interviews:  Interview other people in your field and post about your interview.  This will bring a fresh perspective to your blog.  You could interview other people in your field, your clients, or people from related fields.  Giving your customers’ views can create trust in your company and encourage new clients to contact you. You can conduct the interview in person, over the phone or by email.
  5. Repurpose Articles:  You can repurpose your articles, social media posts, press releases, etc. as blog posts.  Post videos that you have posted on YouTube.

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