Five Tips on Keeping Your Blog Active

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Keeping Your Blog Active: It is important to keep your blog active. Creating engaging, informative blog posts from scratch can be difficult and time-consuming.  Don’t let your blog fail by not updating it often.  Here are four types of posts that are easy to create and will give you good, useful content. Lists:  Visitors like … Read more

Make Your Blog Work For You

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Is Your Blog Working For You? Having a blog can help set you up as the expert to go to when your clients need information.  Be sure to write posts often so your old and new clients will keep coming back to view your interesting articles.  It can take a long time to write one post, … Read more

Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

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Time management is important for small business owners. You will get more done in less time when you implement these five time-saving strategies. 1. Plan Your Work Planning your work is the most important strategy for effective time management. As a business owner, you are under pressure to make decisions, meet deadlines, complete paperwork and … Read more

No Motivation to Blog? These 5 Tips will Help.

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Finding motivation to blog.  Blogging can be very valuable when you are trying to bring additional traffic to your business. However, it’s easy to start off with good intentions to post to your blog often, but then you get too busy or simply forget. It can be a lot of work to build a popular … Read more

Visitors: Five Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

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Getting more visitors to your blog is much the same as getting more traffic to your website. Traffic can be hard to get, but here are some great ideas to help you get more visitors specifically to your blog. Search engine optimization. Just like your website, you should also be using search engine optimization techniques … Read more

Use CleanTalk to Get Rid of Spam Blog Comments


CleanTalk If you have a blog, one of the most annoying things is dealing with spam blog comments. Spam blog comments are comments made on your blog that are intended to sell their own product. Also they may try to entice your visitors to leave your website and go somewhere else. You can delete the spam … Read more

Building a Profitable Blog

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Building a Profitable Blog:  Many people are using their blogs to make money on the internet. Building a profitable blog can be a great way to bring in a little extra money or can also be your main income stream if done correctly. Here are some great tips to help you build a profitable blog. … Read more

On Page Optimization for Your Blog Posts

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On Page Optimization for Your Blog Posts:  On page optimization means optimizing your blog posts for SEO (search engine optimization), as you write each post. Your website designer has likely optimized your website when it was created, or you had someone optimize it after the design was complete. SEO is on-going, so you need to … Read more

Your Online Reputation

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Your Online Reputation: Your online reputation is extremely important and can be challenging to manage. Today your customers, partners and even your competitors can search for you online, and find out a lot about you. Your reputation or the reputation of your business can be quickly damaged, so it is important to protect your reputation … Read more

New App to Try: Stocard

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Stocard! I just recently downloaded this app and it is great! Do you have a lot of loyalty cards taking up space in your wallet? With Stocard, you simply scan your card and the barcode is saved in the Stocard app. When you need to use the loyalty card, you just open the app and … Read more