How to Make a YouTube Video

youtube (2)Making a YouTube video is not complicated.

The first step is to get a video recording device.  Video recording devices come in a number of different formats.  It is possible to use cell phones, webcams, or traditional camcorders.  If you are interested in using your cell phone to help you make a YouTube video, you will need to make sure that it has video recording capabilities. You will find that most new, modern cell phones do.  For the best quality videos, use traditional camcorders, particularly digital ones.  Webcams are also a nice low-cost alternative.

Once you have a video recording device, you can start to make your own videos.  Popular videos on YouTube include video blogs, comedy skits, how-to videos, or travel videos.  You can make whatever type of video you want, whether it is one that is staged, or just recording spur of the moment activities or conversations.

Your YouTube Video

When making your YouTube video, make sure that the quality is good.  Speak directly into the camera or else use raised voices.  Also ensure the lighting is good.  The best time to make movies is during the day.

Watch your movies and see if there is anything that you would like to edit, change, or remove. You can do this with movie editing software.  If you have a relatively new computer, you should be able to find movie editing software already on your computer.  If you are unable to find movie editing software, you should be able to get free software programs or purchase deluxe software programs online or from one of your local media stores.

Editing your YouTube videos will improve their quality which, in turn, will help to improve the exposure your YouTube videos get.  Many YouTube members share videos that they find interesting and your videos may be one of them. Check out one of our YouTube videos here. 

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