Tips on How You Can Reuse Great Content

content-websiteReuse Great Content

Can you reuse great content?  Yes!  Creating unique content on a regular basis for your website, social media accounts, blog posts, etc., takes a huge amount of time.  You can get more value out of your articles and blog posts.  Here are four tips on how you can reuse great content:

  1. Social Media: Based on the information you have included in your articles, blog post and newsletters, you can write informative tweets, and posts to Facebook and Google+.
  2. Video:  Create scripts from your writings to create informative video commentary. You can also read your article out loud and swap out any language that feels too formal. Make it interesting by using visual aids (e.g. whiteboards or overlay text/images) to help make your point.
  3. E-Books and Reports: Transform your published articles into downloadable PDF e-books or reports. You can also choose to sell your PDF or offer it as a bonus for purchasing another product, or for signing up for your newsletter.
  4. Create blog posts or articles: You can reuse social media posts to create articles or blog posts.  You can combine several social media post to make a great article that your visitors will find useful.

You can reuse great content, however when reusing your published articles, make sure to slightly reword or adapt the text so that you are not penalized for duplicate content.

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