Four Ways to Optimize Your Marketing Videos

marketing videosOptimize Your Marketing Videos:

Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. To get your marketing videos seen and shared, you need to optimize them.

There is no magic formula to make a video “go viral”, however here are four ways to optimize your videos.

1. Create Shareable Content: Videos are shared when they entertain or educate the viewers.  When your video is shared, your search engine rankings across Google, Bing, Yahoo! and YouTube increase. Your content will appear higher in search results, reach more people, and drive new visitors to your website.

2. Use Keywords: YouTube is the Internet’s second largest search engine.  Be sure to tag your videos with your keywords.  Your keywords should be in the following fields on YouTube: Title Tag, Video Description, Category Listing, Keyword Tags, Subtitles, and Captions.  Also be sure to include a link to your website at the beginning of the description.  It will be clickable and lead people to your website.

3. Share Your Videos: Post your videos on your website and share them on Facebook and Twitter. Include your videos in your blog.

4. Test and Improve: Track how many people come to your website from YouTube. This is a good overall measure of the effectiveness of your video.  YouTube Analytics shows you how well each of your videos is performing. By using this information, you can decide what works best for your website, and this gives you a guide as to what content you should include in your future marketing videos.

Follow these four tactics when creating your marketing videos and your views and shares should grow.

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