Are you keeping WordPress up to date?

wordpressIt is Important to Keep WordPress Updated:

If you have a blog or if your whole website has been created using WordPress, it is VERY important to keep it updated.  WordPress often releases a newer version, or a plugin may have an update waiting for you.

Plugins are bits of software that can be uploaded to to extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress website. Because the vast majority of plugins are free, it is important to note that they usually do not come with tech support. For this reason it is important to be careful when choosing which ones you want to install on your site. Although there are plugins that can do virtually anything, some are much higher quality than others.

If you get too far behind in updating WordPress, you may have trouble updating it in the future.  You may even need to start all over again with a new website. Also, if you allow your plugins to become old your website may develop performance issues.

If Word Press is not updated it also leaves your website vulnerable to hackers and malware.  You can also install an anti-malware plugin to help keep your website safe.  If you need help with this, contact me and I will help keep your website safe from hackers and malware.

WordPress Maintenance

We will keep WordPress updated and update any plugins that need to be updated for a small monthly fee.  We can also install special plugins that will protect your website from malware and viruses. Treasure Web Designs will also backup your website, so you always have a copy in case the unforseen happens.  Our maintenance packages are very affordable.  It is well worth the small fee to keep your website safe.  Contact us today and take the worry out of keeping your website plugins updated.

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