Using LinkedIn to Your Advantage

linkedinAn active presence on LinkedIn is important for every business, especially those serving the B2B market.

You can create your own personal LinkedIn page and a company profile. It is important to have both an active personal presence as well as an active business presence on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a forum to build your expertise, using posts, webinars, industry events, groups, updates and more. By being active you will set you and your company above the competition.

Before you start posting and being active on LinkedIn, make sure your profile is at it’s

Here’s a five tips consider:

  1. Keep your profile up to date. Complete your page with your most current employment information. Include information about your past employment, skills, and education. You never know who may discover your page and make a connection with something you’ve done.
  2. Share your brand’s content. LinkedIn is a network of professionals. Sharing original content on builds thought leadership. It also provides links that point back to your company website.
  3. Interact with industry leaders. Share content from other experts in your field. Curating content gives you credibility as a reliable source, and may increase shares of your content in return.
  4. Use all the features available. The recommendations and endorsement features provide third-party validation to customers. Become familiar with all of the features to get the most out of the network.
  5. Stay active! Reserve a small block of time every day to share content, update your profile, and keep your presence active and fresh.

In today’s digital environment, many customers will view your personal profile as an extension of your company’s. Following best practices on LinkedIn and other social sites can be instrumental in achieving your brand’s wider social media objectives.

If you need help setting up your personal LinkedIn page and/or your company page, we can help. Contact us for help with all your social media needs.

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