Making LinkedIn Work for You

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Make LinkedIn Work for You! LinkedIn is an important social media network for every business, and especially for a business serving other businesses. If you have a LinkedIn account, you likely have a personal profile. Be sure to keep it up to date. An active and up to date personal profile can deliver business benefits. … Read more

What is Social Networking?

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Social Networking: We have all heard of social networking before, but not everyone knows what it means.  If you were asked to define what social media networking is, would you be able to give an accurate definition? Most people can’t, even though it’s likely that they participate in some form of social networking, especially online. … Read more

The Best Time to Post to Social Media

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It is important to determine the best time for you to post to your Social Media account. First make sure your posts are engaging, informative and include an image or video. For more information on why it is important to include an image or video, visit this post. Next it is important to determine what … Read more

How to Handle Criticism

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We have all had criticism and it can be hard to take. You’ve written an article or launched a new product and someone tells you that you missed the mark. How do you respond? Here are some great tips to help you handle criticism: 1. Listen. It’s important to listen to negative feedback and to … Read more

Nurturing your Social Media Relationships

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It is important to nurture your social media relationships. Your followers on social media are invaluable when it comes to spreading positive comments. More than ever, prospective customers search social media before making a purchase decision to find what people are saying about your business. How can you nurture social media relationships with your followers to … Read more

Using LinkedIn to Your Advantage

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An active presence on LinkedIn is important for every business, especially those serving the B2B market. You can create your own personal LinkedIn page and a company profile. It is important to have both an active personal presence as well as an active business presence on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a forum to build your expertise, … Read more

How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page

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How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page: Once you have created your own personal LinkedIn account, you can create a specific page for your business. This is called a LinkedIn Business or Company Page. Then you can link to this page on your website. This is great if you want people to focus more on … Read more