Why Your Website Content is So Important for SEO

website-contentWebsite Content and SEO:

Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed a lot over the years. Google now puts a lot of importance on your website’s text content. Stuffing your website’s pages with as many keywords as possible will only get you penalized by Google. Google looks for fresh, original website content that will provide value to visitors.

It is better to have a little less text that Google considers QUALITY website content, than to have a lot of text that is not original, is stuffed with keywords and is uninteresting. Sites that offer visitors valuable content will appear higher in the search rankings. However, you should have at least 300 words on each page of your website.

What defines “high quality” website content is up to the person reading the text on your website, however that hasn’t stopped Google from trying to rank the websites it finds to be the most beneficial higher in the search engine results. Some of the things that Google looks for to determine quality in a website are text content that is updated often, more pages to a website, images, videos, correct spelling, proper grammar, social shares, outbound links to other high quality sites and inbound links from high quality sources.

Your website’s content must be relevant to your website and to the people who are reading it, so that the search engines will see a common, consistent theme across all of a site’s content when they come to index it.

Most business have a blog (or they should have one). This is one of the ways to provide updated quality website content on a regular basis. By having a blog, you can create original posts that provide your website’s visitors with informative or valuable information that Google will love. You will also be able to stay on top of timely or topical news items, which search engines also like.

Review your website’s text content from time to time to make sure your text is up to date with what your business offers. Updating the website content will show Google that your website is up to date with valuable, unique text that is important to your visitors. Along with the new text, give your website a new look which will keep it fresh and interesting.

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