Are You Already Using Internet Marketing?

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Are you already using Internet marketing? Take a moment to think about how you would answer this question.

Do you have a website for your business? Business owners who answer yes to this question are already marketing their products or services online simply by having a website and using internet marketing. You may not be actively promoting your website but you may still find that it generates interest in your products. Despite the lack of promotional endeavors you can still get visitors.  This is a form of passive marketing.

Do you participate in message boards and include a link to your website in your signature?  Business owners who answer yes to this question are already marketing their website online.   It is important to participate in industry-related message boards to create an interest in your products and services.  This will establish you as being knowledgeable about the industry.  Offer a link to your website, even if it is in the signature line of your posts.

Your website’s SEO

Do you include keywords which are relevant to your business in the content of your website? Business owners who answer yes to this question are also already marketing on the Internet by optimizing their website for these keywords. Search engine optimization (SEO) affects websites whether or not you are aware of the concept of keyword density and how it can help to SEO a website.

Do you solicit feedback from your customers online? This is another example of how business owners may be marketing their business on the Internet. Most business owners realize the importance of soliciting feedback from customers for business purposes, and business owners who offer products online might solicit feedback in the form of online surveys. Although the business owners may be doing this simply for a business purpose, because it is done online it falls into the category of Internet marketing.

We have already discussed several ways in which business owners may already be using internet marketing but what about business owners who want to have an increased their online presence?  Treasure Web Designs offers SEO packages to help increase the number of visitors to your website.

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