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Email Marketing Mistakes

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Are You Making These Email Marketing Mistakes? Many business owners who try email marketing make the mistake of believing that any type of email marketing is beneficial. This is not true.  There are a number of mistakes business owners can make when they organize an email marketing campaign. Examples of mistakes include allowing promotional materials … Read more

What is Niche Marketing?

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Niche Marketing: The word ‘niche’ is defined as: “A special area of demand for a product or service”. ‘Marketing’ is defined as: “The opportunity to buy or sell”. If you put the two words together, niche marketing means buying or selling a product or service in an area of special demand.  This is a product … Read more

Make Your Blog Work For You

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Is Your Blog Working For You? Having a blog can help set you up as the expert to go to when your clients need information.  Be sure to write posts often so your old and new clients will keep coming back to view your interesting articles.  It can take a long time to write one post, … Read more

How To Make Your Website Work For Your Business!

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Is You Website Doing it’s Job? If you have a website that just isn’t working for your business, it’s time to rethink your website design. A website that works motivates visitors to make a purchase online, visit your retail location, sign up for a newsletter or contact your business to set up an appointment for your … Read more

Why You Should Have a Professionally Designed Website

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Why should you have a professionally designed website?   A professionally designed website enhances the visibility of your website in the search engines. At Treasure Web Designs, we help your web-based commercial enterprise to achieve the visibility required for outstandingly successful results. Treasure Web Designs knows achieving success in online business does not come easily. The … Read more

Are You Keeping Your WordPress Website Up To Date?

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If your website is a WordPress website, then it is very important to maintain the website monthly. Regular maintenance will keep the website running smoothly and will minimize the risk of it getting malware or a virus that could cause great harm to your website. It will also help to keep hackers out of your … Read more

Claim Your QR Code Today!

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How to get a QR Code: QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. These are black and white square codes that can be scanned with a smartphone. When scanned they take the user to a website or to some other information. They are becoming more and more popular. Keep your business up-to-date and get your’s … Read more

Ten Great Marketing Ideas for your Website That Don’t Cost a Cent

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Ten Great Marketing Ideas for your Website That Don’t Cost a Cent: Create social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Post to these accounts regularly. It is best to post daily if possible. Claim, verify, and update your Google Local Business listing. This is extremely important. Be sure to keep your Google Business Listing up … Read more

Four Ways to Prevent Malware Infection

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You can remove malware from your computer should it become infected, but some damage can remain that cannot be undone. If you haven’t backed up your files you could be in serious trouble of losing your files. So, the best thing you can do is prevent malware from infecting your computer. Here are some great … Read more

Website Credibility


All businesses need to establish trust and credibility. No credibility, no customers. Credibility is one of the most important qualities a website can have. No amount of conversion optimization can make up for a website’s lack of credibility. But what makes a website credible? How do you demonstrate trustworthiness? Here are nine tips that every website … Read more