Canada’s Anti Spam Laws

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Canada’s Anti Spam Laws: Canada’s anti spam laws or legislation (CASL) came into effect on July 1, 2014.  If you or your business sends out any kind of commercial electronic messages (CEMs), including emails, texts, social networking messages and other electronic communications, then this is something you need to take seriously. This is a reminder … Read more

Email Security

email security

Email security is something we are all concerned about. How do hackers get into your inbox? Odds are something you did let them in. Bad habits could cost you your email account. Here are some great tips to keep your email account safe from hackers: Use complex passwords. Never use weak passwords such as 12345 … Read more

Four Ways to Prevent Malware Infection

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You can remove malware from your computer should it become infected, but some damage can remain that cannot be undone. If you haven’t backed up your files you could be in serious trouble of losing your files. So, the best thing you can do is prevent malware from infecting your computer. Here are some great … Read more

Google ranks websites with SSL certificate a little higher

SSL Certificate

Google ranks websites with SSL certificates a little higher than other websites. A SSL certificate is required for websites that do eCommerce because it keeps your customers personal information and credit card information secure. If you collect personal information from your customers, or if your website is a membership website with access to a password … Read more

How to protect your IP address

IP address

Every time you go on the Internet, whether you are checking your social media, playing games or surfing the net, you are identifiable to the rest of the world by a numeric address. This “address” is your IP address, which stands for Internet Protocol address. It is a unique combination of numbers and it might … Read more

Use CleanTalk to Get Rid of Spam Blog Comments


CleanTalk If you have a blog, one of the most annoying things is dealing with spam blog comments. Spam blog comments are comments made on your blog that are intended to sell their own product. Also they may try to entice your visitors to leave your website and go somewhere else. You can delete the spam … Read more

Dashlane – Password Tool

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Dashlane – Password Tool: Dashlane is a Password Tool that you can use on your computer and other devices to securely store passwords to all websites that you need a password to enter. Are you tired of trying to remember what password you used for different websites? Do you use the same password for more … Read more

Why you Should Have a Privacy Policy on Your Website

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Why you Should Have a Privacy Policy on Your Website: People are very much aware of the importance of protecting their personal information while online. So, it is important for all websites to include a privacy policy on their website. Having one also helps build trust with your website users and potential clients. Even if … Read more

What is a SSL Certificate?

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What is a SSL Certificate? SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. Typically, SSL certificates are used to secure credit card … Read more

Tips To Prevent Your WordPress Blog Being Hacked

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Don’t Let Your WordPress Blog Get Hacked! If your website or blog has been created with WordPress, you should be aware that your site could be more of a target for viruses and malware. If your blog or website is the target of a hacker, your website could be down for weeks and some parts … Read more