Website Credibility


All businesses need to establish trust and credibility. No credibility, no customers. Credibility is one of the most important qualities a website can have. No amount of conversion optimization can make up for a website’s lack of credibility. But what makes a website credible? How do you demonstrate trustworthiness? Here are nine tips that every website … Read more

Tips for Handling Store Returns

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How a small business handles customer complaints and store returns defines its customer service. How you handle store returns shows whether or not that company understands that customer service is not just about making a sale, but it is also about customer relationship. Even if your customer is filing a complaint or returning a product, … Read more

How to Charge a Higher Price for your Product, and Get it

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The best way to start charging a higher price for your product or service is to just start doing it. Test it on your next two or three clients. Charge them a higher price and see if you get it. You have to believe that your product is worth the price. If you believe it, … Read more

SEO You Can Do Yourself… and It’s Free!

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SEO You Can Do Yourself… and It’s Free! Below are some great ideas of SEO that you can do yourself, that will help you get more traffic to your website. The text content of your website is the most important part of your website. The text on each page needs to be engaging, informative and … Read more

Where to Put Your Advertising Dollars in 2020

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Where to Put Your Advertising Dollars in 2020: Here are five places to put your advertising dollars, that are rapidly becoming more and more popular and will be important in 2020: 1. Facebook. Facebook has quickly becoming an important place to advertise. Canadians spend more time on Facebook than people from any other country. One … Read more

How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page

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How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page: Once you have created your own personal LinkedIn account, you can create a specific page for your business. This is called a LinkedIn Business or Company Page. Then you can link to this page on your website. This is great if you want people to focus more on … Read more

Inbound Marketing Strategies

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Inbound Marketing Strategies: Outbound marketing strategies, like making cold calls are a good way to market to your potential customers. However, you need to include inbound marketing strategies in your marketing plan to boost traffic to your website and get more customers. Here are several strategies you can put into use to boost your inbound … Read more

Why You Should Use Google Analytics

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Why You Should Use Google Analytics: One of the most important ways to insure your website’s success is to know who your website visitors are. The best way to know who your visitors are is through your traffic stats. Google Analytics does this and it is free. Google Analytics will tell you your visitor’s geographical … Read more

Great Habits for Success in Business

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Great Habits for Success in Business:   It’s the little things that make a big difference when it comes to getting ahead in business. While your product or service is the main part of your business, it’s the small things that can make a big difference when it comes to people buying from you. These … Read more

How to Write a Great Press Release

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How to Write a Great Press Release:  Submitting a press release to an online press release distribution service is a great way to get quality backlinks to your website. If your press release is picked up by journalists, and other media sites, your website could see a significant increase in traffic. It is important to … Read more