Build Your Brand – The Keys to success

Build Your Brand

How to Build Your Brand. Building a brand involves knowing your audience, your relationship with you customers and your competitors. Sound complex? It can be. Let’s explore how you can build your brand. Branding is the essence of who you are and what you do. Marketing is what you do to build awareness for your … Read more

The benefits of adding videos to your website

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Adding Videos to Your Website! Most internet users watch videos online.  This makes the use of video one of the best methods to attract people to your website and is an excellent way to increase your website’s popularity.  Adding a videos to your website will make it a dynamic website that will attract more visitors … Read more

Is your website breaking copyright laws?

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Copyright Laws: Images enhance your website, blog and social media posts.  However, you have to be careful where you get your images.  I have heard of several website owners who have been sued for using images that they have just “gathered” from other websites. Most images are protected by copyright laws around the world and … Read more

Social Media: Why is it so popular?

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Why is social media is so popular?   The simple answer is social media RELATIONSHIPS! Social Media is popular because human beings need social interaction.  Having people in your life is important, so you can share what is important to you. One of the worst things you can do to someone is to put them … Read more

Claim Your QR Code Today!

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How to get a QR Code: QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. These are black and white square codes that can be scanned with a smartphone. When scanned they take the user to a website or to some other information. They are becoming more and more popular. Keep your business up-to-date and get your’s … Read more

How to Improve Your Website’s Credibility

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Trust is very important. If your customers trust you, they will purchase from you again and again. Your website’s credibility is an important tool to create credibility for your potential and current customers. When a new potential customer arrives at your website, what will convince them to buy from you? What shows them that they … Read more

Business App | Should you build an App for your Business?

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Can a business app boost your business?  We all know that more people are accessing the internet using their smart phones than ever before. By now you should have a responsive (mobile friendly) website. But, should you take it a step further and build an app for your business? 90% of the time people spend … Read more

How to Handle Criticism

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We have all had criticism and it can be hard to take. You’ve written an article or launched a new product and someone tells you that you missed the mark. How do you respond? Here are some great tips to help you handle criticism: 1. Listen. It’s important to listen to negative feedback and to … Read more

Nurturing your Social Media Relationships

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It is important to nurture your social media relationships. Your followers on social media are invaluable when it comes to spreading positive comments. More than ever, prospective customers search social media before making a purchase decision to find what people are saying about your business. How can you nurture social media relationships with your followers to … Read more

Ten Easy Tech Hacks

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Save time and money with these ten easy tech hacks: Charge your phone faster. Your phone will charge faster if you set it to Airplane Mode. This will stop the battery drain that staying connected requires and will speed up the charging process. Download any video on YouTube. You can download videos on YouTube by … Read more