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Infographics and How to Use Them

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What are Infographics? An infographic is an image that gives information about a subject in an easy to understand way. Usually the infographic has text, but it doesn’t have to include it. This is a great way to easily explain something in point form that the user will find interesting and easy to understand. To … Read more

Tips To Prevent Your WordPress Blog Being Hacked

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Don’t Let Your WordPress Blog Get Hacked! If your website or blog has been created with WordPress, you should be aware that your site could be more of a target for viruses and malware. If your blog or website is the target of a hacker, your website could be down for weeks and some parts … Read more

Using Google Adwords to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website


Google Adwords: The biggest well known secret in generating success in an internet-based business or e-commerce is traffic. Everybody knows it, every site wants it and every site needs it. The point of websites is to be visited and viewed. Elaborate designs, money and countless hours of developing a site to make it attractive are … Read more