Eight Great Ways to Get More Business

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Here are eight great ways to get more business: Word Of Mouth. One of the best ways to get business is from people who know you. Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials and put them on your website. Give your clients your business cards and ask them to pass the cards on to other … Read more

Six Tips for Better Email Newsletters


Create Better Email Newsletters: If you send out newsletters that are engaging to the reader, the result will be more reads, click-throughs and shares – all of which help drive visitors to your website. Here are some 6 tips to help you to create engaging newsletter content: 1. Experiment with Your Schedule Experiment with sending … Read more

Little Known Google Apps


Do you know about these Google Apps? Google has some interesting apps that you may not be aware of. Here are a few Google apps to check out: Google Keep. This is a useful tool for keeping track of notes and reminders. You can access your notes and reminders on the web or on Android … Read more

Eight Ways to Get More Clients

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“How do I get more clients?” This is probably the most asked question any business person asks. Here are eight ideas that may help you get more clients: Try a new marketing technique: You likely have found some marketing techniques that work for you, so you use them over and over, but they can become … Read more

Optimize Your Website for Local Search on Mobile Devices

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Optimize Your Website for Local Search on Mobile Devices. Use of mobile devices has overtaken PCs for local search. More people are using their smartphones and tablets for online searches and purchasing. Is your website mobile ready? Visitors will not go through pages of search results on mobile devices, so you need to be on page … Read more

Use Social Media to Reach and Engage Your Audience

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Social Media and Your Audience: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, etc… With so many social media networks and dozens of strategies, which ones are the right fit for your business? The answer varies from business to business, and you are the best person to decide which social networks are best for your business. Here are seven … Read more

Quality Content Is More Important Than SEO

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Quality Content Is More Important Than SEO! Google and other search engines are starting to focus more on quality and quantity of content. It is still very important to optimize your website, make it search engine friendly and remain on top of relevant keywords. Organic search engine optimization is becoming more important and search engines … Read more

More People are Now Using Their Mobile Devices to Access the Internet

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More People are Now Using Their Mobile Devices to Access the Internet!   According to an article in the Vancouver Sun, Canadians are spending more time online with their mobile devices than with their computers. The article states that 49 percent of online users are using their computers, while 51 percent are using their mobile device … Read more

Tips on How to Engage and Reward Loyal Clients

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Reward Loyal Clients! Repeat business is essential for most businesses. While you need to seek out new clients, it is important to encourage repeat business. Your most loyal customers are also the future of your business. So engaging them and keeping them loyal is very important. Here are four ways to reward your clients: Create … Read more

Affordable Responsive Website Design

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Affordable Responsive Website Design on YouTube: Watch our new video to find out why your website should be responsive.  A responsive website is a mobile friendly website.  Treasure Web designs offers affordable responsive website design.  A responsive website is much better than a mobile version of your website, because you will not get penalized by search … Read more